Maggie Delaney

Bound for Passage

The story of an Indentured Servant

Forced from her homeland of Ireland, Maggie Delaney, along with her husband and children, came to the American colonies as an Indentured Servant hoping to find a better life. Instead, she found sorrow and hardship as human property forced to serve whatever master bought her. Listen as Maggie shares her tale that reveals how thousands of our ancestors came to America in the 17th and 18th centuries.
This presentation is 55 minutes plus a Q&A time.


Another Man’s Property

Indentured Servitude in the Colonies

The Indentured Servant, Maggie Delaney, will give an interactive presentation that delves deeper into the facts and fallacies of Indentured Servants and their role in the foundation of our country. Who were the indentured and where did they come from? Was there more than one type of indenture? How long did indentured servitude last?
This presentation is 30-45 minutes plus Q&A.

Body Snatchers, Medicine,
and Business

The Resurrectionists of England and Colonial America

The Widow Delaney has joined up with the one of the underground gangs that is supplying doctors and medical schools with the cadavers necessary for their studies. Unfortunately, her group is short one man and she is recruiting to fill that position! Maggie will explain the Resurrectionists: who they were and why it was necessary for their services. She will also relate her work as a Professional Mourner and her little side business of selling teeth and hair. She’ll also bring the equipment and tools that are needed as her gang goes about their nocturnal business, but be careful not to tell! You may the next one to visit the doctor one night!
This presentation is approximately 45 minutes, plus Q&A time



The Dowager Baroness

Teach Us To Number Our Days

The Art of Funerals and Mourning from 1760- 1820

The Dowager Baroness, Lady Caroline Linnington, will tell us the proper way in which mourning and funerals were done during her time. Would you contact an undertaker, a funeral furnisher, or a feather furnisher? Whom do you invite to the funeral? What funeral gifts should you purchase? Her Ladyship will explain the bier vs. the hearse, the proper pall, the arvil bread, the funeral cake or cookies, the mutes, the underbearers, and more. She will also address the proper mourning clothing and jewelry you should be wearing and the length of time you should wear it. At the conclusion of the program, everyone present should be able to lay out an elegant and proper send off for their dearly beloved.
This presentation is 55 minutes, plus Q&A time


Ongoing Demonstrations
for Historic Events

As the name implies, these ongoing demonstrations run throughout the day, engaging both the public and the participants at living history events. These first person presentations are designed to educate as well as to entertain.

Lady Linnington’s Pavilion

The Dowager Baroness, Lady Caroline Linnington receives guests throughout the day. Ever the gracious hostess, she instructs the populace, adults and children, in correct mannerisms and decorum suitable for regency society. Her Ladyship is always ready to entertain and share her vast knowledge and pert opinions.
The full Pavilion of Her Ladyship requires a space 30' wide by 35' deep.



18th Century Laundry

An interactive presentation with all of the tools and trade secrets in how the laundry was done during colonial times.
The full laundry demonstration requires an area 25' wide by 25 ' deep.
Access to a water supply is required.
A fire is used to heat the water.


The Resurrectionists
& Professional Mourner

Body snatchers will do their best to recruit passersby to the profitable, but sometimes risky, trade in cadavers for the medical community. Tools and techniques will be explained by Maggy and her seedy gang members to each prospective accomplice.
Space is needed for a 17x19 tent fly and 2 mounds of dirt as "graves."


Frontier Color

Natural dying from the ground up

A natrual dying demonstration and presentation using only the plants and trees from the local area, nothing imported or brought in by trade. What colors would we have? What colors would be missing?
Space needs are for several tables displaying previously dyed material. For actual dying space for a fire and water are required.

Maggie Delaney Her Paintings

Dedicated to the study and presentation of early American History

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